Imran Ali looked in his study at two aspects. On the one hand personality traits and on the other hand the satisfaction with life concerning innovativeness.

Ali (2018) who looked into the connection between certain character traits and innovativeness using the big-five personality traits theory found that extraversion, agreeableness and conscientiousness as well as openness to new experience have a positive effect on innovativeness, while neuroticism on the contrary shows a negative effect. An interesting outcome as well is the increased satisfaction with life that he pointed out.

He refers to a study from Nimrod (2008) that backs up these findings and showed that innovative individuals are more likely to say that they achieved what they expected from life and showed higher satisfaction with life than non-innovative individuals.

What is interesting: While there is also research on the relation between innovativeness and well-being which has been reciprocal, satisfaction with life and innovativeness is a rather linear process.